What to do if I told someone I didn't like my crush bc I didn't want them to know. I think my crush may have sent him to ask me if I liked them?

Im Scared that I messed everything up because i've thought my crush has liked me for a while.

What happend was that a guy said do u want me to tell (my crush) to ask u out? So i said "What! No!" but then i realized that he may have sent him and i messed it all up.


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  • You should just go for it, if you like this guy then tell him! And if you think your friend told this guy you don't like him, it's better to do so sooner than later so this guy doesn't hold the wrong idea for too long.

  • I would immediately tell the guy that asked you that you do like him. It happened to me except it was a girl that asked me for him, and now she is dating him and neither of them will talk to me. I hope that helps ☺️