Have you ever became uninterested in a girl/guy because of their Facebook profile?

I've been chatting with this guy online (with cam) for a month, then we decided to add each other on Facebook, he commented on how I have many likes on photos and that I seem "cool" after that we talked two days later (where I initiated contact) he seemed interested and really wanted to talk (he would stay up really late to talk to me) but now his msgs seem less frequent, he keeps the conversation going and still flirts but not like before, I can't help but to think it's because of my fb but then again I tend to overanalyze things and it could be because he's busy with school, plus the time difference is huge between us.

Anyways, my profile is rather conservative compared to his, nothing too crazy, I just seem like a good girl, with lots of group photos, maybe a few pix at a party/club. His, is mostly just him in parties and doing drunk stuff, so he might think I'm boring.

What about you guys, have you lost interest because of someone's profile?


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  • Unfortunately, there are people who pay attention to such things.