Alright, so she accepted my proposal to take her out on a date, now what?

I've been into her since last year and I finally got a chance to take her out on a date, but now I don't know where to take her because I didn't think I would have gotten this far with her. Throughout this whole time I have just been giving her hints that I like her and I jusT pretty much been friend zoned by her (until now.)

It all started when I met her cousin at church, him and I just became friends. I got invited to her house because she was having Bible study there (as I remember,) and I sat right next to her. After Bible study her and I just started talking, and at the time she had a boyfriend already so I didn't tell her how I felt until a week after getting to know her. After that I had stopped seeing her and going to her church for about 4 years, but only because I told my dad I would begin going to his due to him becoming a minister there (it's still the same doctrinal believes.)

Now, just last year I had gotten her phone number and we began speaking to each other ever since. She went through a couple of things after that break up and was just wrecked for a while. I gave her my shoulder but tried to stand my distance because I didn't want to step into something that I knew wouldn't have been healthy for our friendship psychologically and physically. It's been a couple months past thaT and she looks like she's recovering. After talking to her I had found the urge tO actually sit her down and tell her how I feel about her. She smiled, blushed and we just kept talking. Today I askeD her if she wanted to go on a date with me and she said yes.

I really care about this girl so I want this whole thing to workout and make her my girlfriend. The thing is I currently stand between a line of being friend zoned and a line of becoming something more than her friend.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Keep the date simple and fun. Don't turn it into a big awkward night with heavy emotions and expectations.

  • Take her somewhere fun like an amusement park or bowling. Taking her to dinner or the movies stands a higher chance of being awkward for a 1st date.


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  • Your in there, but be careful. I got into that date position too, she accepted and everything was scheduled. Then day before the date she cancels everything on me and I never find out why. That shouldn't happen to you though lol. You should be good, take her to bowling or something. You need a place that keeps both of you occupied with a little talk in between.