Can you trust a guy who is adding new female friends on facebook everyday?

I'm not a controlling girlfreind, I support his real friendship wtih his female and male friends. However when he is always adding new girls on facebook, it sends me a message that he is looking for opportunity to cheat.

However in real life, he only has eyes for me when we are together. I'm not sure which signal should I look at.

I'm not sure what is the best way to appraoch him either?


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  • I think you should (discreetly) find a way to see what he is getting out of these female friends on facebook. Maybe it's just something as simple as he wants people to have a conversation with. If that is the case see if there is something you can do to contribute to that if it's a need that he is not getting fulfilled.

    • I think he wants a variety of people to talk to. He once said he can't eat he same thing everyday.

      In the past one girl kept bugging him on Facebook to ask him to help on his website. Later she sent him a text. I didn't say anything but few months later I called him out on it. He showed me screenshot of FB and text that he don't reply to her.

      He said he realize she is just using her and he was very upset I didn't trust him and snoop around things. That was one of the catalyst of yhe break up. We are dating again no break in between

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    • That is hard to say. Because I would love that kind of attention from someone. There are some men out there who thrive on the thrill of the hunt. So it's hard to tell when you want to find out about just one person.

    • I guess needs a right balance

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  • Wit the sticky situation at hand with this man, it seems he doesn't care that you Know or that You... Stare and Glare.
    It would get my own goat too and Infuriate me to the point where I Might even "Unfriend" him or even Block him but Of Course... On the other hand, he only has eyes for me we are together.
    It could be his way of Socializing on Media and it is only Facebook, as a Guy with a New Stats he is Sending his own "Message" Out, I can see, and this Is... Look at me.
    It might not hurt before Anything else is on Newsfeed, to Feed him a Piece of your mind But... Be kind.
    And Of course, remember, the Apple at the top of the tree is always Hardest to Get and to Grab and To... Find. Don't make yourself so available for meeting up the chump.
    Good luck. xx

    • WHen we were official he always had his status as single and so did I. My friendlist is hidden from him and he never questioned.

      I ignored him for like 9 hrs today and he text back immediately and saying he is thinking about tomorrow's dinner.. Is this enough for not available? or do i have to cancel plans with him at some point? like our usual Sunday i have to be like oh I can't make it?

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    • Don't think private option is on this old question. Started new one just to see how it works hehe please take a look thanks :)

    • lol.. No, doesn't seem to be Private but I will go easy.. xx

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  • well umm just see what he does. Not spy, if he has eyes for you in real then make sure he doesn't go meet other girls if its a friend its cool let him be give him his space if you are worried just talk to the people he chats with

    • How do I find out if he meets with them? I will have to hire a private detective for that LOL

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    • It's ok I understood you. I need to think it over as I often Come across quiet masculine and harsh lol

    • dont worry much if u need help just message me ^.^ Glad i was able to help

  • This guy sounds weak willed, he can't control his urge. He will make terrible cheating husband if you ever get that far.

    As human we all like variety, easy fix is porn. You don't need to go have interaction with other woman just to pave the path for cheating.

    • What about the way he treats me in real life? He really gives me undivided attention. he takes me out regularly.

      Also looking at his group photo with his fiends an colleagus he always seems quiet? his sports mates all says he is usually very quiet?

    • He sounds complicated, just don't fall for him easily.

  • Forgive me, this means he love chicks or wants more girls in his Fb account. He after adding them in Fb, will definitely want to chat with those girls. He is running more testosterone that's driving him crazy. I would say have an eye on him or have his FB password by any "KEY LOGGERS" It will surely reveal his password and what he talks with those Girls. Try it. Keylogger will work in hidden mode too. By the way I hope he only loves you more than any girls and if you can tell him to stay away from those Fb accounts. If anything hurts from my comments then I am sorry.

    • I'm not hurt at all, that's what I figured but in real life he only have eyes on me and that's why I'm conufsed. I'm sure he chat to them as he once told me you can flirt on instagram to get followers, I understand how interenet works, people flirt there all the time.

      I don't have his passowrds and I think if I ask for his I will have to surrender mine?

      How do I get keylogger? we don't live together so I'm not sure if it will work.. he has no reason to log in from my devices

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