Is there a future in this university relationship?

I have got to know this girl from uni she is currently living in the same city but will eventually move back to her hometown. She knows I like her as I have made it obvious but haven't been clingy we are always talking and I know she is attracted to me and cares for me as I tried to ghost her (to protect myself) and she put effort in to keeping whatever it is alive the other day we were talking about relationships and she mentioned she's not looking for a relationship here because she is only temporarily in this city which I thought was a valid reason and might be protecting herself. What should I do? Do I fade her? Do I make move to hopefully cause a irresistible connection? Or do I carry on the way we currently are? And on a side note this girl is worth fighting for and if I grow to like her enough I will follow her as I do not hold connection anywhere kind of like a drifter

Come on ladies could do with some female input


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  • are y'all far? i'd say go for it. the girl i like and dating lives in florida. i live in new jersey. we went to school in north carolina. for perspective, i live 555 mi (900km) from my school in north carolina and 1300mi (2100km) from her town in miami...

    • Compared to you I'm only a stone throw away only an hours drive away. Thanks mate I think I should make a move

    • an hour? i call that driving to work. bruh, that's nothing. you got this.

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