Mixed signals from a girl who said she needed space?

Hi, just need a bit of advice I had been dating a girl on and off for about 8 months, we had an argument a couple of days ago when I asked her was she only interested in me for money, things escalated because she wouldn't agree to a date. She said she needs space in which I agreed to saying take as much as you like she was a bit off and distant a few days ago but she started opening up a little to the end of the week, anyways 2 days into her asking for space she invites me to a work function where she already knows I'm thinking of attending in which she saw I was interested in on Facebook so she has already seen I am thinking of attending but she is asking and inviting me through Facebook, my question is you asked for space then 2 days later invited me to a work function is she just trying to make sure I don't forget about her or is she trying in direct contact I haven't agreed to attend and am saying if she asks that I haven't seen it. Any advice please?

She also became very jealous when I walked away before if it helps about a month ago and we started talking again as she was saying that I ment a lot to her then she asked for space when I told her i was falling for her


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  • Flow along with her, and see how the path leads. Do not regret her actions, and do not be quick to judge.

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