Guys, Should we break up or try to fix things?

He is nice to me, treats me well, but the problem is this: suddenly I don't feel eager to see him, hug him, or have sex with him. I don't know why, but there are little things that started to drive me crazy in him.

I told him I feel bored in the relationship and I asked him what he thinks, he said he is happy.

Should I break up with him or tell him what I feel exactly- my cold feelings?


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  • You are simply running away from the problem, what do you want him to do or what are you looking for?

    • I don't exactly know. That's the problem.

      But there are things that bother me in him, like he used to take care of his appearance but now he doesn't care. He doesn't get me gifts- I don't want something fancy- just for gesture. Also, our relation is getting boring. We do the same things over and over.
      He knows about the latter.

    • Talk to him about your concerns

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  • How do you fix that which isn't broken?

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