Girls, My date went nuts. Help?

We were walking around downtown and having an amazing time. She put her arm around my waist and felt my firearm. She went NUTS. She accused me of not forewarning her that I carry. It was only our third date. She didn't give me an opportunity to explain why I carry. She called me quite a few names that I didn't care about and left. Should I try to salvage the relationship, or just move on?

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  • Guns are stupid. You're a psycho for carrying.
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  • I am Residing with a Close Cousin Who... Carry.
    I am Not One to Carry a Gun but I Do understand his Motive in Mind So.. I do not mind.
    Let her cool down, this ios a shocker that she Not only Felt It She is Feeling the Heat.
    You should have 'Forewarned her" I agree with her but if she is still a Stickler After the Fact, should you Ever get the Chance to 'Explain,' Time to 'Carry' Something Else... Her Walking papers, She is Not One bit Understanding of her Man who She should be Standing Beside... This is for her Protection as Well.
    Good luck. xx

  • Wow! That's a scary thought why was you carrying it?

    • I carry everywhere I legally can. It stems from being violently assaulted and hospitalized.

  • I can understand why she'd be freaked out. It kinda is a little scary. I guess you can try talking to her.