Girls, does being "clingy" ever turn into just genuine love and affection?

This is sort of embarassing. I've just started dating a girl, she's beautiful, we are very simpatico, we have a genuine interest in each other and we've had sex, maybe it's the chemicals in my brain but I really really like her. Here's where it gets sappy, I want to kiss every part of her body when we're having sex, she get's my heartrate going, I just want to spontaneously kiss her all the time, I always want to hug and embrace her, but what I don't want, is for her to her to say I'm clingy, and I do definitely give her space to breathe but I don't know, if she thinks I'm clingy that will blow dick.

In your minds I mean.


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  • clingy is not something bad, like liking someone so much that you go crazy over them like over puppies
    but not being able to do anything without another person, that is clingy
    wanting to be all the time w someone is not bad at all, but being in agony cause you are not every minute w them is not healthy
    you got the picture?

  • Lmao believe it or not at a certain point in the relationship she'll really want you to be clingy. Not in an overly protective way, but if you want to grab her and give her a hug spontaneously then go for it

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