Is he interested in me?

I used to like a guy some time back and proposed him. But he was never interested in me. I was head over heels after him. I couldnt stop myself and kept on running after him. I had a very best friend, who was also in a relationship at that time. He broke up in between with his G/F when I was about to confess my feelings to another guy. However, it did not turn out in my favor and I landed up heart broken. My best friend supported me all the way. Once the guy misbehaved with me in front of so many people and my best friend wrote a status on Facebook for him, "If you claim yourself to be a man and then turn out to behave with women as women, you are girlish. Women are very fragile and are meant to be treated with love. If you can't handle them, thenstay away." The guy read his status and might have felt annoyed, so he asked him to delete it. However, they could not stay friends on Facebook. His status made me feel my best friend had some feelings for me. I never felt any communication gap with him. And we both claimed to be each others' best friends. Not to mention, his G/F also troubled him because of his friendship with me. I have begun to develope feelings for my best friend now. I talked very clearly with him that as I was heart-broken, he gave me a lot of emotional support, and I guess we must move on and that too together. I need his emotional support forever. He said, "I cannot answer this right now but I do need time. I dont even know whether it'd be a YES or NO. Kindly give me a bit time." Is there any chance for me?


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