She's being funny after I asked her out for lunch?

I like a girl who I have known for a while. I asked her out for lunch, to which she didn't say yes or no. So the next time I see her she's acting cold towards me, being off with and short. This obviously upsets me a little because I just offered to take her out to lunch, and now she's acting like she hates me :(
I kept my distance from her and didn't attempt to make conversation unless I had to. I figured I should stay away
Girls why are you like this?


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  • "Girls why are you like this?"
    Just because a girl had that kind of behavior towards you, it doesn't mean all of us think or act the same way. We are not programmed robots.
    As for her, she is obviously not interested.

    • Sorry if I offended you.
      I understand she's not interested but why she is acting the way she is just because I asked her for lunch seems unreasonable?

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  • Right, like Joc said she is trying to avoid the awkward rejection speech and hurting your feelings. Basically you got your answer already. Since she is obviously uncomfortable around you, I would just respectfully give her space and move on.

    • I have been quiet and kept myself to myself around her. It feels like she hates me just because of what I did. Should I feel guilty? It took a lot for me to ask and now feel I'm being hated for it

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    • I would hold your head high and continue on in your normal way. Her loss.

    • Thankyou

  • She's trying to flake on you without saying no. Females do that because it takes less courage and probably because they think it would be worst if they just told you... wrong. It's worst to leave you in limbo. In any case she wants you to pick up the signs and realize that she's not into you. She's too pussy to just tell you.

    • I see the signs and I'm totally cool with her Not being interested I just struggle to understand why she's being the way she is with me just because of that. She is rude to me now, avoids being anywhere near me and looks at everyone else but me

    • Move on. No need in wasting your time with her.