Girls, how can I show her that I care about her without asking her out yet etc?

So I met this amazing girl in one of my college classes, and I like her a lot. We have gotten to know each other in class a lot, we text etc, BUT I haven't made an actual MOVE (like asking her out, touching or similar). I am sure she knows I care about her and I know she feels something for me too (by how we talk, smile to each other etc).

Is there a way that I can show her more that I care for her? Without asking her out in a date etc?

I just do not want to complicate things

Thank you :)


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  • This might be a little scary for you at first but i promise this works. Compliment her on something. It can be her hair, her shoes, anything. It works even better when she has something new like a new haircut. When my crush notices stuff about me it makes me really happy. It shows that he pays attention yet its not too much al at once. After that you can slowly build it up :)

    • Waow. Thank you so much for replying. Ok I will keep doing that, I try to tell her she looks nice in class, that I like heir blouse, or her nail color or whatever genuinely gets my attention.

    • Nail color might creep her out a little but yeah the rest should be fine ;)

    • LOL. Ok!

  • you'll be complicating things if you're showing her you like her but not wanting to actually ask her out. she may see that as giving her mixed signals

    • You are right. I guess I am just afraid that things will more serious with her since I am not a relationship kind of guy :(

      But I guess that I should take the leap with her if I really do like her and hope for the best :)