Girls, would this come off as desperate?

So I asked out a girl at my work to the movies last week. She declined. Saying thanks for asking but in going out with friends to the same movie in a couple of hours. She didn't lie cause at work we talked about the movie. Anyways at begining of work it was a little awkward but as the day progressed she acted way more different around me then normal. She was way more talkative, she walked with me to and from break. Made fun of me when I did something dumb. I was going to add her on Facebook but since she kinda not really rejected me I don't want her to think I'm being desperate. Am I being desperate or just over thinking? I told my close co worker friends what i did and they were like keep on her and dont give up.


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  • overthinking it. Just add her on facebook. Get to know her better before maybe trying to ask her out again

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