Im really nervous, What should I do?

Okay so I have a boyfriend and he knows about the whole situation... That I been thinking about my ex, like he pops into my head a lot and I can't seem to stop thinking about him. My boyfriend suggested that I go up to my ex since he comes to school with me and tell him the truth. But in really terrifie. My ex has a girlfriend but she doesn't go to our school. My boyfriend also doesn't go to our school. So I guess I'm just really asking what to do... I do need closure and I want to tell my ex but I'm really nervous. I have no feelings for him. But I just am anxious. I don't have guts and I know my relationship is in the line. Please help or give advice.


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  • thinking about your ex in what sense? you should talk to him and ask for closure but are you sure you don't still have feelings?

    • We used to talk and text a lot, and I guess Hus girlfriend told him not to so then I starred getting curious of why we got distant. And I started missing the convos.

    • yeah, his girlfriend probably felt threatened if he was still in contact with his ex. if my boyfriend was texting his ex tbh I would be a bit sceptical of whether they still had feelings for eachother