Girls, What cleaning products would be good for general hygene of your car? What male perfume should I use and is popular now with woman?

I had a women in the back sit of my car complaining that is smelled moldy. I had my carpets in my car cleaned that day. I clean my car out with clorax wipes and dust a lot. I even vaccumed my car out. I really want my car to smell nice for girls on a date. I heard leaving prefume in the car is good. Girls, I want your experiences and suggestion of what you like to see how a guys car looks. I drive a very old car with paint that wearing off of it. I will be buying a more newer used car.


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  • You need to get rid of the mold not try to cover it up with "perfume". You can try airing out the car on a nice day and spraying down the hard surfaces with white vinegar.


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