What does it mean when a guy does this?

Me and this guy hungout twice and the first time we hungout we talked a lot and stuff and at the end he asked for a hug and hugged me. Then the next day we went to the movies but it was really awkward because none of us really talked after the movie and we just went home. And now he's ignoring me and won't message me. Is it because I did something wrong? Or is it because he thinks I look bad? Or what can it be?

  • It's because we were shy and didn't really talk
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  • It's because he thinks I look bad
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  • Movies is a bad date. With in the first 5 or so. You need to share more. Even if it a walk thought the park. Hold hands. How often do you text. Sending him more then 3 is pushy. Wait a day and if he dosent text you back its not meant to be. He went out with you twice, he likes how you look. You probably looked amazing for the date. Update if something happens or dosent.


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