What would you advise to a person in this situation please?

Hello, there's a girl I've asked her out 3 months ago and that time she was taken.

2.5 weeks ago she broke up with him and is single.
I believe to have the chance to ask her out and will probably accept this time.

The thing is did she get over him or will she uses me in order to forget about him?
I don't want someone to take advantage of my love life mainly when I've never dated someone so I wouldn't like a bad experience as a first experience. Nevertheless, I believe to be attracted to this girl not only physically speaking.

Kindly provide me some feedbacks, thus I'll be able to know what direction to take.

Thank you

  • Date her, no worries
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  • Don't date her, she didn't get over her boyfriend
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  • Date her, she will get over him and truly love you
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I would appreciate more votes, and comments. Thank you for your cooperation.


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  • D: She may Not have Gotten Totally over him and you could End up to be a Rebound. Go slow with Any date and don't rush into any Mate, She may not Be Ready.
    If she Accepts your Offer 'This time,' then of course, it is a New Break up so there are going to be some skeletons left in her closet that may need a closure.
    The more she would give you a 'Chance' to know you, the less this Ghost will rattle her Chains... Hopefully, anyways.
    Good luck. xx


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  • She won't use you but maybe look for comfort emotionally she is unstable so you should not use her too especially now.. just offer her ur support if you like.

    • Thank you for your response.

      Nevertheless, I do not plan to use her at all but I don't know if it is wise to date her. I don't want to be the one that will suffer of a one way love.
      By that I mean that maybe she will not truly love me but only for the sake of forgetting him.

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    • yes that is possible but give her first the space to forget and heal.. she might like you but her head needs to be clear :)
      After a while you can have a serious talk with her and see if you are both on same page !

    • Oh I see more clearly now, thank you :)

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