Online/over phoneline relationship advice (kinda long story)

We “met” on a fan website last April ‘09. I had just gotten out of a rather serious, and seriously bad relationship with my ex live-in boyfriend, so we both decided it would be best if we put off meeting and took time for me to heal. (I had pretty low levels of confidence after this very abusive relationship) I know it seems rather quick to jump from one guy to another. But.. I wasn’t willing to let go of someone who I had such strong feelings for. I didn’t want to be always left wondering what could have been.

So originally we were supposed to meet in September (to give me the summer to get my self together) but I had to fly back to the east coast to visit my family.. another mess going on over there. But long story short, we ended up pushing it back because of it.

Then we were supposed to meet up in November, but he ended up having to have surgery and it just didn’t work out with his school schedule and so forth.

So once again we pushed it back. It was supposed to be the end of February, but this time it was his mom who had to have knee surgery and it just wasn’t working out ..

So now here comes march.. it will be almost a year that this all started with he and I . I can say now with confidence that I have gotten myself together and I am definitely prepared to meet this man. We decided on the end of March. And I am completely nervous. Nervous moreover because we have put this off so much the anticipation has built itself up to a boiling point. And also because I am terrified that some act of god or something is gonna happen to prevent this to happen. And if something does put it off again.. I am scared that I am going to have to end it. This is the last thing that I want.

I want him. I want this to work for us. We are both mature adults. He is nearly 30 and I will be 25 this year. I am ready to start my life and I want it to be with him by my side. But I really don’t know how much more I can take. The disappointment is awful, I just couldn’t take it again. And he knows this. I trust this man, I know this man more deeply then I have ever known anyone. This is my first online 'relationship' and I just don’t know if I am handling it well. It seems so backwards- I know all his insides and can’t wait to know his outsides. Maybe its better that way.

I want to know if anyone has been in a similar situation. If you have any relationship advice. Any online relationship advice. Any tips for meeting him for the first time (fingers crossed it actually happens this time).. Anything to calm my buggy nerves.


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  • I'm sure that you two will be great together I think that you are worrying for nothing if he keeps setting dates to meet up with you he must really like you. I know you getting impatient but life happens and like the saying goes the best things in life are worth waiting . As far as meeting for the first time it will be a lot easier for you considering you already know him so the awkward introductions and slow conversations can be skipped, just be yourself and it will all go great


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