Do I need to win her back?

She basically said she loves me but doesn't know me anymore. We dated for a year. How can I help her get to know me if her parents don't let her date yet. She's seventeen BTW!


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  • How can she claim she loves you, yet she doesn't really know you?
    That doesn't make any sense.

    If you dated for a year in the past and her parents had no issue with it, then how come they have an issue with it now?

    • They always had an issue with it. We sated secretly throughout hs then I graduated now I can't see her. She says she doesn't know me anymore because I lost her trust when j cheated on her. She broke up with me after that but she still tells me she loves me and we text all day. I messed up bad but I'll literally do anything to win her back. She said she needs me to mature if I want ylto be her boyfriend...

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