He likes you, and now what?

He kissed me and I asked him do you like me and he said why would I do this if I didn't...OK but is it not like reasonable to think of going out with him now? He is a grade ahead...would that affect his way of going at this...like asking me out? What do you think...I'm not confused more like waiting...for something...its weird. Help? :)


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  • well anything can happen so you neva noe mayb you 2 can go out so yea it iz reasonable ... and it dependz on da guy sum guyz let grade and age affect da way they go bout tingz and otherz don't care and juz go for it so it dependz on what type of guy he iz ... I don't know what else ta say may b you culd talk ta him more communication iz key ... I hoped thiz helped


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  • Go on a date. :)