Girlfriend is hanging with another guy?

I've been with this girl off and on for right around 2 years now, and we have broken up and fought a while, but we weren't together this summer and she had a sexual relationship with this other guy that I know and have never liked. One weekend we hung out and talked about getting back together again, and everything was good until I figured out how much she was hanging with this same guy, she would have him over for dinner with her family and hang out by themselves alt then got hot tub and other stuff of the sort. I've asked her over and over if she couldn't talk to him or hang with him as much but she keeps on saying how controlling I am and how I shouldn't be able to have a say in if there hanging out of anything, she cheated on me once way back when and I got over it but now I'm beginning to think she is again and I have no idea what to do anymore. I don't wanna let go because I really do love her but she just HAS to hang with this guy all the time..


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  • [ Reality Check ]

    - She cheated on you

    - She moved on to someone new

    - You're allowing her to cheat by feeding her more attention, which actually encourages her

    - You're letting her walk on your self-respect and self-image of the relationship.


    Man... I was there dude. Take it from me and just walk away with your pride while you still have it. I'm guessing that over the 2 years, you guys have broken up and gotten back together, etc... But seriously dude? You've given her the opportunity to change! She hasn't changed.

    Move on dude, save your sanity

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I agree with ArtistBboy and Irrelevance.


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  • "I don't wanna let go because I really do love her" - this does not matter. Two people in love are never ever "on and off". EVER. Even if you love her to bits, she sure as hell doesn't love you.

    If she wants to see this other guy then fine - drop her like a bad habit. Girl has no class or sense of monogamy i.e. is BAD GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL.