Ever been dumped by text and suddenly the person just ghosts you?

Lol and you were in love with that person so fucking crazy how cruel people can be

Lol fuckk that felt like shit

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And you literally didn't do anything wrong just one day he was lime im going to go and never talk to you again and than bam its like bye.
And than he won't explain why so cue the long text novels full of your feelings he pissed on


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  • I agree that it felt like shit... I've been dumped a few times and it barely stung... had another girl on the line before the first even left... but this one girl dumped me once, no explanation, and just said never talk to me again and no matter how many texts or calls i made... nothing... first time it took me so long to get over someone.

    • Thanks for MH... but that shit stung though lol...

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    • Guy who did this to me.. totally broke my heart. But that's probably because I saw a future with him and I got attached to him. Than when he left it felt like shit. I still miss him and having in my life too, which is insane. I'm always going to feel baffled about this certain guy haha.

    • we always have the one. trick is not to get attached. set a time limit if you have to.

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  • Did this happen to you? Guys like this must have something on the side.


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