Is it wrong to not take pictures with a guy that I'm seeing?

Me and this guy has been talking for almost a year. Our relationship isn't offical but we have been getting along great and hanging out a lot mostly at school. We are friends and we haven't took one picture together since we started seeing each other. I think that he may like me back more than a friend but I'm not too sure. I want to be in a relationship with him and I have not told him yet because I want to take things slow. Not a lot of my friends know that we are seeing each other. Is it bad that we don't have one picture of us on social media if we aren't in a relationship?


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  • Firstly, ask yourself. Why have you not told your friends about him? Why are you hiding your relationship?

    Secondly, take photos/selfies... friends do it all the time... I have a million with my male friends... so it is not out of the norm just to take a snap of you guys together. Tell him you might make it your new profile pic and see what he says... never know, he may want a copy to do the same..


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  • Its kinda strange, almost like something you're both avoiding, unless you really have few pictures with anyone else.