If you agreed to the friendzone?

I know it sounds weird but I go to school out of state actually like 800 miles away she's in New York I'm at usf down in Tampa Florida so this girl is my crush has been my crush since the 7th grade she's the type of crush that's accessible not all stuck up so we were cool in high school just never told her I liked her so last summer was the first summer I came back for in two years and we hit it off and was really close to having sex but I had no protection.. So I told her how I feel about her she did tell me she feels the same way.. So she was on again off again dating someone else and when I came from winter break we talked and she told me they are dating again but she doesn't like him at all anymore, so if me and the girl agreed we should be friends at the moment or things aren't right for us to be together and she's asking me about another guy would it be rude for me to stay I don't want to talk about another guy or since we are friends do what a friend does?


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  • If you really want to be more than friends, you have to let her know.

    Even if you agreed to it initially - you can change your mind.

    Maybe tell her you want to take a break from seeing each other.

    That's the only alternative to listening about potential boyfriends.

    And, of course - there's plenty of fish in the sea...

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