My boyfriend was constantly staring at a girl he knew and used to flirt with in front of me and I feel disrespected?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now and we're both in our late 20's. I went out to eat with my boyfriend this past weekend for his friends birthday. A girl he used to talk to for about 2 weeks also attended the dinner. About 3 years ago, my boyfriend and I broke up for about 3 months. During that time frame, he attended his friends wedding, which is his friends birthday we attended this past weekend. He was one of the groomsmen for that wedding and he flirted with one of the bridesmaids during that weeding, which is the girl who attended the dinner. The girl he flirted with is a good friend of his friends wife, which is why she was there. They only flirted/talked (no sex) during the wedding and about two weeks after that, so it was really no big deal to me until now... The girl came to the dinner with her boyfriend and they sat right next to my boyfriend and I. She didn't really pay my boyfriend that much attention -- she said "Hi" -- but my boyfriend kept glancing at her from time to time. Not for long, but i noticed each time. I truy think my boyfriend forgot that I knew he flirted with this girl. AFter the dinner, I asked him why he kept ooking at her and he tried to play it off saying that "he was looking at everyone", which isn't really the case. As I mentioned that I think he forgot that i knew that he flirted with this gir when we broke up, he didn't mention this at all when i asked him why he kept looking at her.
I just find this to be so disrespectful. I'm a very secure, but he did not make me feel secure at the dinner and I have this "staring" at the woman's problem with him often. I have brought this issue up so many times, but this time was more disrespectful because he knew this girl and liked her at some point. I told him how i felt and i just feel so distant towards him. I don't really know if it's worth continuing this relationship because, again, I told him that it bothers me that he stares so obviously so many


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  • Sometimes guys are actually very self conscious and intimidated by seeing girls they have flirted/dated before. He probably didn't know how to act around her. If he didn't look then you would have worried as maybe he was trying to hide something, and you worry because he did. This was never a situation he was gonna win.

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