Why looking younger for your age a male is a curse?

looking young for most is dream and they would do anything to look younger than thier years. However for some of us males it's not great like can i just look my age please! I have never really had any of the benefits of looking younger than my years only the opposite.

1. younger girls only are interested in you.
2. dating your own age or sometimes even an few years younger is out of the question.
3. your always getting asked for I'd.
4. people think they are better than you.
5. shocked reactions about your age.
6. males your age look down on you.
7. you get treated like a minor
8. you'll appreciate when your 40
9. girls think your cute which gets annoying.
10. that you look really young comment.

any benefits of looking young as a male is basically saying wait til most of your life is past then you will enjoy it.


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  • Looking at your age bracket... I think your age is still too young to wreak the benefits of looking younger. Give it time...

    • exactly my point thankyou 👌

    • I am not sure when you feel "most of your life" kicks in... I am talking about being 35... not 60.

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  • Im hoping it will benefit me when Im older

  • Wait until you're mature in the 30s, look 20 and move like a teenager. Pussy will fly to your face!!

  • Most people mistake me for 18, but that is okay really, I am catching up, I hit puberty late. But it did suck when I was 16 ...

    And no, nobody really looks down on me since I'm 6'5 ^^
    And no, I don't get treated like a minor ^^

    • that's becuase your 6,5 try being 5,7 and looking young lol would I'd do to be 6,0 like my dad

    • But even if you are tall, you'd get I'd. I didn't get I'd for example when I made a legal phone contract or opened a new bank account recently... Only when I bought alcohol but in the Netherlands, you need to show your ID if you are under 25 when you buy such things.. In Germany I didn't have to...

    • Do you have strong facial bone structure? I suppose I also don't get I'D because of this aspect -

  • Im 24 but I look young. Prob around 18-19... It does get annoying when they say you look young, but I've had girls tell me I have nice skin, and they go for a feel. Bet you thats the first thing that comes to a girls mind, which in all honesty, is a positive because we all know girls want good genetics in their babies ;). But i get what you mean, I know those feels

    • totally with you there it's not like I want to look older just my age will do lol

  • I'm 24 and I'd rather look 17 than 37... after all I prefer chicks who are 17-20 anyway...