Is it bad I don't chase girls, I just let things happen?

I go out with friends still and every once in a while we will go a bar or club but nothing crazy. I'm not into that lifestyle much. Is it bad when i see hot chicks i don't chase them down or whatever? I just let things happen, example if they smiled or winked or something then I'd go talk to them but until then i don't even bother wasting my time. Ehh I don't know i just kinda gave up (hot ones that are faithful and loyal). So is it bad i don't go out of my way to get dates. I'm just tired of getting let down i guess

I can get plenty of dates if i wanted but i feel as if the hot ones seem to always be the unfaithful ones :(
The girls with great bodies and they know they are sexy... i gave up because every time i hook up and turn into a relationship they seem to cheat or have multiple boyfriends or i find out they were cheating on them with me! I just feel so tired of looking i guess


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  • You will miss out on a lot of chances if you don't try.

  • Nobody cares.

    • Nobody with a black soul lol... i agree

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    • Damn... i think you're right. I just have a thing for superficial ones subconsciously i guess. I just want a hot loyal one that's real lol

    • I want my boyfriend to be alive.

      Life isn't fair. We don't always get what we want. Quit bitching. If you want a good woman, take the time and effort to find her. And she won't be in a club or bar.

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  • I gave up a while ago.
    I have better things to hang my hopes on.

    • Like what? Give me an idea of what you mean?

    • Oh, the chase.
      I gave up on chasing girls, and the crappy games, and the fake numbers, and BS in general.

      I'm perfectly willing and up for something real, but like you said, Tired of the let down.

    • I'm glad im not the only one who understands me. Some may not understand or ever will but for a second i felt as if i was the only one who feels this way

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