Why did he suddenly pull away?

I met this guy at a friend's party.
two days later he started texting me, and said he is single and longs for a serious relationship. honestly i was not very keen at first but he kept texting me every day, asked me for my facebook and twitter accounts, and invited me to his parties. usually he initiated the conversations and i replied politely.

Three weeks later, he suddenly stopped all contact. Why? What happened? i think i like him now, but his sudden change made me really confused... did i do something wrong? what should I do now?


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  • He probably met someone else. Plus, if he kept inviting you to places and you told him no, he thought you were not interested and as a consequence he lost interest as well.

    • ok. I guess I'll just move on. i posted something on my Facebook last week and he asked me about it. so the next day I tried texting him. he quickly replied but didn't sound interested in continuing the conversation... anyway, I feel puzzled but I have to move on

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