Could she like me, or just good friends?

I have know this girl for about 5 months. I had a REALLY big crush on her, but she liked/dated other guys, so I had to move on. That being said, I still really care about her, and try and help her no matter what. Recently, me and her have gotten a little closer. She teases me, seems to flirt, looks into my eyes, draws stories about me and her, just really flirty stuff. She always laughs at all my stupid jokes, and always pays attention to what I do and say, but ignores everyone else. We text and talk all the time, but I don't know if we are just good friends. Her and this other guy have been "hanging out" but she emphasizes that they aren't dating (yet they very much look like they are). She calls me "fam, pal, dude etc" but she does that with lots of people so I don't know. Do you think there is a chance? I mean, I'm ok with just being friends, but should I ask her out? My real biggest problem, is if this guy and her are "secretly" dating, but I don't know.


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  • What kinds of flirty stuff? Does she touch you at all, like put her hand on your arm or hand? Does she ever smile really big at you or bite / lick her lips. Have you ever caught her checking you out or looking at your lips? Does she open up to you?

    Teasing can definitely be flirting but it's hard because it's also something just friends do... it's frustrating and I've been in your place. It's very confusing. I think the text and talking thing is a good sign. Making eye contact, not as much. That's technically a normal thing, although not as common for our generations. You could kind of argue both sides for all this stuff, which is frustrating.

    If you like her, go for it, and clear things up. Or try taking the flirting up a notch and see how she responds and if she responds well and is receptive, keep slowly pushing your interactions to be flirtier? That might get you a better idea but asking her out will give you the best answer. If she says she's not seeing the other guy then believe her and don't factor him into your interactions. If they aren't dating, you could still have a chance. But you have to do something about it. Take it up a notch and flirt and compliment her, or just ask on a date


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  • I highly suggest that you get your mutual friends involved. Ask them if she likes you if they ask tell them that you like her and let them leak it to her before you tell her that you have developed feelings for her. Usually when a guy tells his friend that he likes her she feels betrayed. Even if your wrong your both under 18 so chances are she will be quick to forgive you and it won't ruin your freindship.

  • Make a move fam and find out