Guys & girls! My Freindzone dilemma?

It's a pretty long story, so I'll try to simplify it lol

i had a huge crush on this girl in my senior year of high school. We were both seniors. We were actually "best friends". I talked to her about my problems, and she talked to me about her problems as well. She put me in the friend zone and I tried So hard get out of it.

She eventually told me that she only viewed me as one of her closest friends and that's all.

2 years later, she hits me up out of the blue to get some lunch.

I'm over her by now, and I have moved on.

She then tells me that she wants to be with me and how she should have been with me since high school. Blah blah blah

obviousely, I would love to be with her. She's my high school crush for gods sake!

BUT... Here's where things get complicated...

She now has a baby with her ex boyfriend from high school. They are broken up and she is trying to go out with me.

I just want to know some people's opinions about this whole situation.
What would you do if you were me right now
and should I date my high school crush or nah


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  • If you want to date her, go for it, but be cautious. She might just be looking for someone to support her and the baby. Don't let her take advantage of you.

  • I'm suspicious of her. She didn't want you before the baby and boyfriend but she "wants" you now that she has a baby. I think she's using you for sugar daddy prospects. This bitch is NOT your friend. I'd tell her to burn in hell.

    • A lot of my close friends were telling me the same thing. She just wants to use me for my money, or whatever lol. She had all the time in the world to get together with me but decided to wait until she haves a baby and her boyfriend leaves her. Hmmm... It's just the thought of rejecting her never came across my mind.

    • Some women are cold blooded like that and use other people without remorse or concern for their feelings. If she really liked you she would've jumped at the opportunity since the beginning, but she didn't. She's a liar.

  • If you like ger then go for it. You don't want to regret it


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