Women's physical attraction requirement to date guys stance. Why does it change?

I hear girls say that they can't be forced to date someone they aren't physical attracted to, which i agree with.
Women's physical attraction requirement to date guys stance. Why does it change ?

But when they get older and can't compete with the hotter, younger girls. I find a lot of them start giving guys who they said they can't be forced to give a chance to date them because they weren't physically attracted to them a chance at dating them.

A perfect example of this was a girl who had this internal list of her physical attraction requirement for guys she would date. One of which that was top priority was not dating a guy under 5'11". She was 5'7" and went out with a lot of tall guys. She said she could never bring herself to date a guy who was shorter than her. Fast forward near her late 20's and she's now going out with a guy who is 5'6", witha decent job.

So anyways. My question is it that women's stance of I need to be phyiscal attracted to date you basiccally them being stubborn and not dropping their standards for men they date, or could it be they become more gold digger lik ein their latter years and cut down their superficial list for money?


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  • Attraction and love is fluid. Sure we can have a set of things we potentially like and know we'll appreciate but you can meet someone who is the opposite and who doesn't tick all the boxes you originally have and yet there's still something about them that makes you fall for them.


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  • People change. I never thought I'd date someone shorter than me. But I did and it wasn't cause I lowered my standards, it was because I fell for him. Personality trumps looks any day.


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