Any MALAYSIAN guys here?

just wanna ask what ur beauty standard for girls? i have a crush on someone , a malaysian guy. he's really cute and i like his smile. its my first time liking someone whos different in my citezenship (lol) . so please answer (>_<) what does most of the malaysian guys like in a girl?


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  • Malaysian bro here. Our media is quite Americanised. So, the beauty standards are relatively similar to your typical Western standards, I guess.
    I'm not sure what we generally like in a girl. It varies from person to person, like every other country. We're not some hive mind who's preferences are exactly identical for each individual.
    Since we are composed of three main ethnicities, it further varies. Just treat him like any other guy from your country lol.

    • coz i just caught him looking at me and when i caught him he suddenly face towards other direction. what does it mean? and he always smiles at me and all i feel like i want to punch the wall hundred times coz i really can't take it his smile is too dazzling hahaha. (>_<)

    • I'd say it's almost certain that he likes you. Those two things you mention makes it quite obvious 😁👍
      Just talk to him and get to know him. He'd probably like it a lot.

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