I'm crushing on my friend, how do I tell her?

We've been friends for about 3 months now, we sometimes go out to eat, watch a movie or just hangout. At first I didn't like her in a romantic way but as i started getting to know her she charmed me over and I became really attracted to her. We text and snapchat everyday, or every other day. sometimes we go 3-5 days without seeing each other and I'll text her "I miss you" and she texts back "I miss you too" does she like me back? Should I tell her how I feel? If so how because u don't want to ruin our friendship


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  • Stop worrying about ruining your friendship.

    If you really want something else from her, you'll have to make a move. Try to find the right moment and avoid being too intense or creepy.

    Best of luck! ;)

  • Sounds like she does. Let her know in person, but keep from being to intense