He started texting me like a friend, did he loose interest or does he want to build friendship first?

We have gone on 2 dates, text everyday... like paragraphs! I asked him out for the next date but he couldn't make it. Then he asked me out and I was busy. We text a lot about work, family... hobbies... etc. I Noticed he texts me randomely some words like, "don't worry homie, Hahaha" when We joke But he has done this like 3 times as We are always saying jokes and he slips that in there. Why do you think? I actually have never had a friendship first Then relationship, Its always been just relationship.

Ps. He doesn't talk To me like that in person


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  • Has he dated before?

    • He got out of a 2 yr relationship 6 months ago

    • Likely never started a relationship outside of a high school setting. Because of that, only way he knows how is through friendly interaction first.

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