Should I try to figure things out after I caught her my girlfriend texting another guy or just end the relationship?

I saw my old buddy from HS at the bar and he was drunk and flirty which is fine I let him flirt with my girlfriend and had no issues. I didn't know they exchanged numbers and I saw him again on campus and he said he was texting this girl he met there and I asked who it was. He said her name and I figured it was my girlfriend so I asked what her number was and it was hers. I'm not mad at him he was drunk but more so my girl for texting him. I haven't told her about it and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it.


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  • Confront her about it, ask her how the other guy ended up with her number, see her side of the story. Ask her what her intentions were when talking to this guy, why was she talking to him and what type of texts were being sent from both sides. You're in a relationship and communication and honesty is key, if you lack this then the relationship is very unlikely to last much longer.

    • He didn't even remember whinshebwas so he was clean but I don't know why sheownould text him backnill have tinasj her about it later cause I don't know what to think.

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