When u feel adored does it bring out the best in you? How? does it bring out more if you feel there is a subtle dominant sub thing Like gender roles?

Now that I have a relationship that I am working on and because it feels so nice I find myself going into homemaker mode. I always do this when I have a match that has a strong male dominance who treats me like a lady. Who kisses me deeply and makes me feel really wanted. Who talks in a bit of a firm voice so I know not to cross a line. Maybe it is just the way their voice is strong. I know he would protect me with that strength I sense. But I get the sense he knows what he expects. I hear things like nobody better mess with my family. But it is in a cool controlled deep tone. I want to honor that kind of man by being the sexiest best homemaker who will do anything for him. It is the best match for me. I instinctively want to wake up early and cook at like 5:30am. And make breakfast and clean the kitchen to music that makes me feel happy and beautiful. And I scrub bathrooms and floors and cook more home style. I just want to make my home a place full of love. So when he comes home he sees how adored he is. And I feel beautiful folding laundry and dusting. It doesn't seem like a chore. A dominant passionate man brings that out of me.


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  • Nah. I don't have a desire to be a homemaker for him or wake up early to make him breakfast or anything like that - I want to take care of him a bit, but becoming a traditional feminine housewife is not something that suits my personality. Out of the two of us, he's the one who would be better at taking care of the home than I would.

    • My guy cooks and he is sexy as hell running the kitchen. I love when he lets me assist him watching the stove stirring things while he mixes steam and chilies and fire and so on. He keeps his place nice. But I feel myself doing this at my home in this relationship. When I live in a guy's house like my guy in Puerto Rico I do all that to his house. This is a new relationship but I am going into homemaker mode wanting to have a place he feels comfortable coming to a soft place to land. I don't see him all the time so mostly I am cooking for my son and me. But it gets me into the mode of making things more traditional. So when he comes over he will feel and see how I will take care of him. And at his house I always make his bed while he showers and help clean up from his friends while he visits with them. And I hand out new beers and take the old ones