If he always likes this other girl's Facebook pictures, does that mean he doesn't like you?

The person I'm interested in (there's been a few setbacks between us) insists that he doesn't like anyone else. Not interested in anyone else blah blah blah... yet he always likes this other girls profile pictures on Facebook.

she's very attractive and seems to like him, it makes me feel really insecure I guess :/

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Most Helpful Guy

  • it probably means she´s hot and he´d want to have sex with her, if he wasn´t with you.

    • Yeah he's not 'with' me yet Though :/

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    • well i don´t know him or how your relationship is.

    • Haha it's just not wonderful at the moment!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Bro. You're making yourself crazy. It doesn't mean anything.

    You're judging his actions based on the way you make your own decisions. As he is not you, this isn't an effective way to judge him.

    Stop obsessing over this and making yourself way insecure. If you set people up to fail, they always will. You followed him to see if he likes you because you didn't think he did - now that is the only thing you're going to see.

    • Thanks for your wise words of advice... I actually am making myself crazy here. I guess he doesn't see things the way I do, and I tend to forget that we all think differently. All it's doing is dragging me down, so, you're right. I need to stop with this.

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What Guys Said 1

  • If you like then unlike a photo, does it even count?

    • Doesn't count if he unlikes it, I'd appreciate that actually...

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    • Oh ok, so you can't like it real quick they get an alert, then you quickly unlike... so that way your friends can't see you like it... I hate that damn feature, they should fix that

    • Yeah they definitely should!

What Girls Said 1

  • It literally means nothing. It's a freaking click.

    • Are you sure? I only like people's photos of themselves if I REALLY like them. Which, is rarely ever.

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    • Lying makes everyone feel pretty insecure, most people will agree with that one :)

      No thanks! But ta for the offer like.

    • No one is lying to you and yet you're still convinced they are. That's cause enough to see a therapist. @9mfeo and I are saying the same thing but you're agreeing with her while disagreeing with me.

      Get help OP.