Should I throw In the towel with this woman?

There's this girl who keeps sending mixed signals we have the same the class together. A year prior we talked a lot and I knew she really liked me, but I treated her poorly. So I have a class with her a year later and she sits with me, but I don't know if she is sitting with me because it's her spot or she's sitting there because I am sitting there. So the one day I saw her waiting outside our class with her friend. When she saw me she said something to her friend who immediately turned around to look at me, and then began to giggle. I walked past them and looked at them again and saw her friend looking at me who then turned to her and said something then laughed. She then sat with me in class and started joking with me. Ater class I held a door open for her and she laughed and thanked me. She then told me about how her grandma had recently became sick and how she had a test the next day. I told her how I won't be able to take the next class with her, because I was offered a job in a lab, and it took great amounts of work. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot. It should be noted this friend of hers saw me in the hallway and she just looked in the opposite direction as though she was uncomfortable with me.
Now when I leave class she usually walks up from behind me and begins to walk beside me, and so we talk and joke around while walking through the halls. She also waves at me when she sees me, and is leaving the parking lot. But yesturday I saw her, and when she saw me she pulled out her phone, and began playing with to pretend she didn't see me. I said "hi", and we had a conversation about school and how we dislike our prof. I asked her if she would be willing to come get a coffee with me to talk. She said she couldn't because she had a bank appointment to get to. So I asked what she was doing tomorrow she laugh and said school, and after that work. I asked if she wanted to talk then she giggled and said maybe. Today when I asked yes or no she said "I

she texted "I'm too busy today." So should I just leave her alone, stop this, what should I do? And what should I text her back?


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  • You waited too long to make any serious move on her. After years gone by, her interest level probably drop so much and she has moved on.

    When a girl reject your offer because she is "busy" and doesn't give any counter-offer , that a big sign that she don't really want to hang out with you. A woman with high enough interest level in you will surely make time to hang out with you.

    Text her " Well, let me know when you wanna talk/hang out", that will put the ball in her court and she will have to initiate thing because you already tried.

    Just ask her out bro, if she said yes, kudos, if she said no, well, you got your answer brother! Leave her alone.

    Judge a woman by her /action/, not words. That is one way to disperse the mixed signal if you think her words and action don't match.

  • its time to throw in the towel if you don't think there is any potential left and you have lost interest