Is this an obsession?

I fell in love with a girl over 10 years ago, and have not been able to lose my feelings for her. Before that, i could always 'fall out of love' with someone when i realized they didn't like me back. But not this time.
I haven't seen her in years, but still have these feelings for her. I don't stalk her on facebook or anything like that. Because I actively try to lose these feelings i have.
I feel so lonely, and have pretty much given up on love because of it.
Has it turned into obsession, even though I'm actively trying to forget her?
What should i do? Time has not helped me forget.


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  • I think because your 'actively' trying to forget her your really just actively thinking about her. By telling yourself , don't think about so and so or don't go check her page or whatever , all your doing is thinking about her. Instead of actively trying to forget her , actively try dating other people and not to try and get over her but just to date

  • Sounds like you and Severus Snape have a lot in common. Try talking with a therapist.

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