Should I talk to this girl that I have never spoken to? I find her very cute?

Im 17 years old and im in highschool, i have been "crushing" on this girl who is 1 years old younger than me and whenever i see her i try to make eye contact with her, she does make eye contact with me but im not sure if she is maybe creeped out. i want to know her and ask her out or somthing like that. i have never ever asked a girl out and im really wondering if this should be the first time i do that (need to get out of my shell), im not confident because if i talk to her, then i start wondering if she find me anoying or creepy, i have had bad memories with girls since im not that attractive to them.

I know a lot of you will say " go for it" but i assume that you guys are a bit older than me, try to jump back in time when you were in highschool

by the way, i play games a lot and i useally are at home watching netflix, so now you maybe got a picture of me, im not bullied, i have friends so dont worry =)?


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  • yes you should at least try and talk to her , your never going to know if she has any interest in getting to know you if you don't speak to her in person at some point