Did I scare him off, of wanting more?

I finally asked if he thinks our relationship is going anywhere because i started to have feelings. We've been dating for more than a month.

He told me he likes me a lot and he likes the time we spend together but we dont meet enough and that its his fault. He also mentioned that for the next few months, he will be busy with work more than now.

Is he just making an excuse? Did i scare him off?

I replied to that by asking what does he wants now but i haven't received reply yet.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I dont think he's into you. You make time when you start to date. I have taken days off to go on dates, or go out late just for drinks. So i think your a good girl but i think he's just saying there no time for you by saying i am going to be busy with work for A FEW MONTHS!

    • Thats true or he has met someone he's more interested. If you want to meet someone, you'll always make time.

    • yes when your first start dating you make time. Find a guy that wants to spend more time with you and dosent make excuses

  • It's casual for him, that's it. When you asked him the question you're basically stating you've got feelings and you'd like them reciprocated, if he doesn't feel the same he'll distance himself so you can't apply more pressure.

    • Is it fair for me that i know where i stand before I fall hard?

    • Yeah. But I think you know anyway, your feelings are stronger for him than his are for you. You know that doesn't mean there's no hope, but you need to slow down and not get ahead of yourself.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, he's obviously making an excuse. If you truly want to spend time with the other person, you will always find time.