Why do I have so many not so good looking girls like me?

I am a pretty good looking guy, I am friendly (I say hi to everyone, ask them how they are doing, etc), even though I am in college I have a lot of career prospects, and I like to talk with people (especially women). Because of all of these traits, generally girls like me. That being said, the girls that always like me the most are the really not very good looking ones, some of them are straight up ugly. Part of my reasoning behind turning them down is that "I am a good looking guy, why should I settle for less?"(especially when less equates to ugly), I'll settle for an average looking girl, but an ugly one? No way. Anyway in the past 2 year I'm aware of 6 girls that were in to me, there could have been more, but those 6 either asked me out or made it abundantly clear, and of those 6 I wouldn't consider any of them remotely attractive. I dont know what it is that I do which attracts these type of girls because I really want a girlfriend, but I am not going to compromise my standards to get one. My school has plenty of attractive women, but those attractive women just aren't as interested in me. There are a few girls that I have been trying to talk to who I think are alright looking, but they just dont give me the same vibe as the less attractive girls. I hate to say it but when I talk to an ugly girl she is almost always into me, and I can just tell from the way she looks at me and talks to me, but when I talk to more attractive girls (even girls that are only average) I usually dont get as much interest. I dont know why, what do I do to get more attractive girls to like me? Why do the ugly girls keep obsessing over me?


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  • Get an online profile like Tinder and start going out with girls you like who like you for how you look 😜 who knows, maybe you'll get lucky

    • Tinder is crap, you dont know this as a girl, but as a guy you can message 25 girls and only get 2 responses, plus thats too casual for me, I'm looking for a long term relationship.

    • My friend met her boyfriend via tinder. They've been going out for 6 mos. Shit happens, don't ditch it until you try it.

    • @Smmyskittles very true. You never know, there's people who wants to meet someone and not only there to get laid so...

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  • If you come across kind/friendly then they worry less about leagues and put it out there that they like you, that or they're desperate and throw caution to the wind.

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