Why did he give up on me so easily?

I was dating a guy for a couple months. Things were going really well. We got along great and we both looked really forward to the next time we got to see eachother. We had a lot in common. Perhaps we had gotten involved sexually too early on which made him not want to fight for our relationship. So let me get to the story here. He ended up pulling forward into my car and doing some damage. He was really good about the sitation, so was I infact i never once got mad at him. I stayed really patient and wanted to resolve this in a matter that benefitted both of us. He had some problems with his insurance and wanted to avoid going through that, which i totally respected. So after getting some numbers that he would never be able to afford we had to go through his insurance. Things were good up until the next day when I got right onto it and called his insurance. He didn't speak to me that day and i knew something was up so i asked him if he wanted to talk and he said not really. I immediately felt hurt. I knew something was wrong so I asked him he was mad at me and he didn't respond. Then I said that i'd send him his money that he gave me in advance through the mail and he'd never have to see me again. He then sent me the address to send it to and i haven't hear from him since. I know it may seem like in a sense he's doing me a favor, but i just feel really hurt. Especially because I was so good about the situation. Do you think he's done with me or is he just trying to process? It hasn't been quite a week yet.

Thanks in advance.


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  • I feel like I've read this a few day ago. Or a similar situation.
    Ahh, so he's mad at you because you ended up going through the insurance to pay for you car?