Why does this guy always watch me but he doesn't approach me?

There is this guy I always see around that I like, he always stops and stares. Sometimes he positions himself to sit so I can be in his view. I look at him and make it clear I am interested but maybe I am not clear enough? Why doesn't he approach me? He is a Scorpio by the way.


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  • Maybe he's to shy. Try getting to know him a little more n start hanging out so he can get out of his comfort zone 👌🏻💯 and maybe he'll start approaching u from their on out 😉💯

    • Thanks, thats mice if you to answer. We don't really know each other to hang out, but I would like to get to know him.

    • Then simply take baby steps day by day like try saying "hi" one day and start it off from their

    • Yeah u are right I will try that thanks :)