I still like this girl but I think she thinks I've lost interest or something?

she just like disappeared and hasn't been to pub she normally goes to and i haven't heard anything from her in months. i always had a thing for her and still be interested in spending time with her ,

i don't understand whats gone on here but think one of her gf's might of tried to drive a wedge between us after she got annoyed with me this past summer and maybe she has been successful at this. but i think there has been some sort of misunderstanding here

but i never see her anymore and not sure if i should try and make contact online or just wait till i see her in person somewhere , as far is i know she isn't seeing anyone and just finishing a dental program at college , there doesn't seem to be another guy yet


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  • How are you certain she thinks you lost interest in her?

    Anyway... attempt to contact her online. If you approach her in person she will probably think that you're stalking her and well... not everyone's into that.

    • sometimes I'd just casually run into her at the pub in town and we'd talk there , I don't think she though I was stalking her as everyone goes there , I found online I didn't hear much from her and she didn't seem that active online

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