Should I give up trying to date this girl?

I like her a lot and have told her this as well and she has told me she likes me. It was a good match at first and she iniated hangouts and I made time and we hung out 4 times a week. I began making the first move for the past 2 months and she is busy with work or school and we go on a date or hangout once or twice a week at most and its almost distant. Whenever i ask her if she wants to go out to dinner on a weekend I'm off work and offer to pay she has plans to go to the bar with her friends. I work more hours then her and take more credit hours the she does and still make time but she still is busy. I am not getting rejected but being her second option is annoying.


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  • Try to go out with her one time and if she don't respect you just leave her...

    • I guess but its kinda a girls night out thing. I get it she's a nursing major and its stressful and you can get below a 77 or she's kicked out of the program but theirs still free time you have to make your self.

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    • Then there you have it. She STILL makes time for you, just not much. Clearly she likes you.

    • Then keep her :) I hope everything will be ok! :) if not, send here again hehehe

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