Please tell me what you think... I think this guy is being very selfish.. what about you?

So I met this guy about 3 years ago and he was very sweet and we got along well. We did not interact that much 2 years ago. But this year and last year, we hit it off! People thought we were dating ( we didn't kiss and hug) but we did laugh and talk and have a good time and I could most definitely feel that he really liked me. I could just tell. I liked him too. And his best friend was always very... defensive about our relationship. Anyway, near Christmas, this guy and I were talking and his best friend came over and kept interrupting and trying to pull him away. And during the holidays we didn't see eachother but we're texting, and his best friend mysteriously got my number and was harassing me saying horrible, horrible things about him. And I showed him and I'm like how did he get my number? What's going on? And then the next day things were okay again. But then out of the blue he said "things just aren't going to work out between us, I'm so sorry" and I was like oh I'm sorry I just hope you're not letting him (his best friend) make your decisions.
And he said he hadn't talked to him in a week... which didn't make sense because he said the way he got my number was he stole his phone..
Anyway.. what do you guys think of this.
He listens to his best friend a lot. Do you think the best friend convinced him to break it off with me?
Also something weird the best friend sent me screen shots of their convos where they were talking about me and he was saying he really liked me and wasn't sure to make a move and he was scared. And I always catch the best friend checking me out..! Help me please.

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  • I think his best friend definitely talked him into breaking things off with you and it might be because he's upset that you don't like him

    • That would make sense. Thankyou !
      One of my close friends said the same thing.

    • No problem. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions or you want to talk

  • Let his best friend dominate you, cum liek a good little whore and watch them fight each other, nurse the winner of the fight and let them use you. Work this to your advantage, be the hot bitch of their dreams.


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