What kind of fun can you have with people outside of partying?

In terms of hanging out with friends and/or meeting people of the opposite sex, what are some fun things to do that don't necessarily involve clubbing, smoking or drinking?


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  • Bowling- lots of fun.

    Skating- exercise and full of laughs if you don't know how, fun if you do.

    Mini-golfing- always a good first date or hanging out idea, it lets you talk, but in a fun environment.

    If you're just hanging with friends: the card game spoons- we played for hours one rainy at a cottage I rented with friends, it can get a bit aggressive but it's never dull...

    Twister- this one is good drunk or sober, an ice breaker with someone you like and just a whole lot of fun trying to cotort your body.



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  • Well, there's always dirty primal loud animal sex...bumping uglies till you can't breathe or think straight... Outside of that, not much!

    LOL. What are your interests? sports? movies? hiking? running? bicycling? working out?

    I go to a lot of concerts/live music - yeah, that can include some drinking or partying but it doesn't have to. Music is a big interest of mine and someone who shares it with me is gonna do well with me. Many of my closest friends and romantic relationships have grown from shared musical interests.

    You need to discover mutual interests in order to answer that. If you are trying to help someone get away from the partying scene, expose them to your interests and help them have fun.

  • Uh... almost everything.

  • Coffee shops...Especially ones located around a University. Lots of interesting people. Go with friends...


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