Characteristics of a girlfriend or a friend with benefits?

Help my friend and I settle this - does this sound more of a girlfriend or more of a FWB?

the relationships like:
- seeing each other over a year, twice a week for sleepovers; one sleepover a week minimum
- talk everyday, texting but most often calls lasting over 15 minutes to an hour
- they've met each other's families
- they go out to eat, see movies, galleries, sport events and he'll usually pay or they'll split it
- they feel 100% themselves together
- great sex where there's cuddles and kisses after
- they're affectionate in public, linking arms, forehead kisses, kisses when they see each other

what do you think?

  • girlfriend/ boyfriend relationship
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  • Friend with benefits relationship
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  • Definitely sounds like a girlfriend, a committed relationship.


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  • in my opinion, It definitely sounds like a relationship, not an fwb!

    • Thank you I agree! I think it's past the stage of having "the conversation", it's just a given ya know?

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