If a guy is looking for a girl to say hi, does that mean he likes her?

I quit my job and came back and this guy found out i came back to work and my brother in law who works with him told me that on my day off, the guy was trying to look for me but couldn't find me.
This guy used to offer me rides all the time, would leave work when i did, even if i was working late, he would only ask me questions instead of the manager, he would ask me how my weekend and try to make jokes. He would laugh at my jokes even when they weren't funny. He's painfully quiet and shy. But other than that we rarely talked. My brother law says he likes me because the way he looks at me but he doesn't talk about me with my brother in law. He thinks he has a major crush on me.
My brother in law told me once he found out i was back that the guy asked him if it was true and he got happy and tried to look for me.
Can crushes really last 2 years?


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  • ether its a crush or he wanted to say something before he leaves or something maybe or just wanted to apologyize or being awkward. Dont be too hard on your self now have a good night miss.


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  • Yes, crushes can last 2 years.

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